Will Alliant Energy® Smart Hours help me save on my bill?

The goal of Alliant Energy® Smart Hours is not necessarily to use less electricity, but to shift when you use electricity to off-peak hours. Your flexibility helps us rely on cleaner, more efficient energy sources and keeps electricity prices down for everyone. However, smart devices can save you energy and money. Programming your device is usually the first step to saving. Download the app for your smart device to get started.

If you don’t have a smart thermostat, or haven’t properly programmed yours, buying and programming one can improve your energy efficiency. Learn how to install and program your smart thermostat.

When it comes to water heater controllers, Aquanta’s internal studies and modeling suggest that intelligent control through Aquanta can save water heating energy by 10% to 30%. The economic value of intelligent control of water heaters is much higher when factoring in peak or time-of-use pricing and utility peak demand reduction and similar incentives.

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