What is Alliant Energy® Smart Hours?

Alliant Energy Smart Hours is a program that works with your smart thermostat to shift your heating and cooling to hours when electricity costs less. And we’ll reward you with a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® at the end of each season (summer and winter) in which you are eligible to participate!

Heating and cooling a home can use a lot of electricity. In fact, on extremely hot days, electricity demand can get so high that sometimes Alliant Energy must turn on more expensive power sources to meet the need.

Alliant Energy Smart Hours helps us avoid this. We adjust your smart thermostat to shift some of your electricity use to off-peak hours. How? On the occasional extra-hot or extra-cold day, we’ll schedule Smart Hours — a period of a few hours when we’ll work with your thermostat to reduce your electricity use. We’ll heat or cool your home before energy use spikes, then reduce your use a little during high use hours to flatten energy demand and keep energy prices down. We'll always ensure your home stays within a few degrees of your usual settings so you stay comfy.

By taking part in Alliant Energy Smart Hours, you support clean, affordable electricity and earn rewards. Receive a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard when you sign up with an existing thermostat, plus a $25 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard for each season (summer and winter) in which you are eligible to participate.

Last Update: March 5, 2019

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