How do I know if I am on an eligible rate?

To participate in Alliant Energy® Smart Hours with a smart thermostat, you must currently be on an eligible residential rate. Iowa residents cannot participate if you are enrolled in Appliance Cycling. Please see below for a complete list of qualifying Iowa and Wisconsin rate codes. To find your rate code, check Page 2 of your Alliant Energy bill. A copy of your most recent bill is available in My Account.

Qualifying rates in Iowa for smart thermostats: I400, I400NPGA, I400NPGV, I400PGIO, I400V, I407, I407V, I407BPGA, I407BPGV, I407NPGA, I407NPGV, I450, I450NPGA, I450NPGV, I450PGIO, I450V, I457, I457BPGA, I457BPGV, I457NPGA, I457NPGV, I457V, I460, I460NPGA, I460NPGV, I460PGIO, I460V, I467, I467BPGA, I467BPGV, I467NPGA, I467NPGV, I467PGA, I467V, I470, I470NPGA, I470NPGV, I470V, I470PGIO, I477, I477BPGA, I477BPGV, I477NPGA, I477NPGV and I477V.

Qualifying rates in Wisconsin for smart thermostats: WRG1, WRG5, WRW5, WRG5V, WFB1, WRD1, WRG1S2,WRG1S1,WRG1S5, WGS1S1, WRW1,WRW3, WPG3RG1N, WPG3RG5V, WPS3RG5V, WPS3RG1V, WPS3GS1V and WPS3GS1M.

If you'd like to unenroll from Appliance Cycling so you can enroll in Smart Hours, call us at 1-800-255-4268. We're available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

To participate in Alliant Energy® Smart Hours with a water heater, you must currently be on a residential electric rate in Wisconsin and have an electric water heater.

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